Flower Care

Maximise your time with your fresh blooms by following some simple tips we’ve put together by our own local experts to help you keep your flowers looking their best for longer.



Fill your vessel or vase with tepid water.  We don’t recommend floral preservative, the little plastic sachets are an unnecessary environmental hazard. 

Clean & Cut

Strip all leaves below the water level and give the stems a rinse under tepid water.  Trim the stems at an angle (1-2cm from the end) and put them in water immediately.



Always give your vase or pot a rinse out before filling with fresh water. Get rid of those pesky bacteria that thrive on your stems and muddy the water.  We recommend the height of the vessel is around 50% of the arrangement or alternatively trim the stems to a suitable length to suit your vessel.


Flowers love cool climates.In sunny Queensland a room temperate of 18-22C is ideal.Heat, direct sunlight, bright light and draughts will wilt your flowers so be conscious of where you place your arrangements and keep away from vents and fans.They also draw heat from radiation from appliances such as TV’s and microwaves, and soak up ethylene from ripening fruit, so be aware of the little things that can shorten the time you have to admire the beauty of your flowers.



Empty, clean and change your water entirely every 2-3 days and re-trim the stems to prolong the life of your blooms.  Some flowers last longer than others, it’s easy to remove a few stems that don’t make the grade especially if you have other flowers that still have life in them. 

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